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Gears & Grinds Craft Coffee x The Coffee Ride

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hello world! I made a promise to myself this morning. Blog more. Currently enjoying a delicious cup of coffee provided and roasted by Devocion. It is a grey day that has brought strong winds. This post is dedicated to a morning of reflection. Reflection of the progress, failures and memories this journey has provided.

Since the last time I posted an entry, the gears having been grinding and the concept is coming alive.

A good friend and mentor, Josh Crane, invited Gears & Grinds Craft Coffee to pop up at Bike-To-Work in Boulder. This was a great way to work out the kinks of our coffee concept and adjust accordingly. Josh is the founder and operator of The Coffee Ride and supplies delicious coffee via bicycle. His passion and hard work is contagious. Drinking coffee and discussing the industry with Josh is refreshing. Purpose before profits. This theme is very important to Josh and myself.

Gears & Grinds collaborated with The Coffee Ride recently at the "Old Man Rally Race" in Lyons, CO. We learned brewing coffee in 15 degree weather with 5 inches of snow falling could be fun (stay caffeinated). Super stoked and grateful for Josh's guidance and passion as we look to brew coffee together in the near future.


Luke Doyne

Gears & Grinds Craft Coffee

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