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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hello world! Luke here. I am not much of a "blogger" but I decided a digital journal would be a neat way of documenting progress, failures, and memories. The thought of operating a coffee trailer was constructed in 2016. Mental images of a coffee truck continued to appear on a daily basis. Talking to Boulderites fueled my futuristic plans on materializing the vision, which is ultimately composed of simple parts: great coffee and a cheerful barista.

Gears & Grinds Craft Coffee, is derived essentially from the memories of cycling to my barista job here in Boulder, Colorado. Alarm sounding at 3:45 in the morning. Portable speaker strapped to my bicycle rack. September stars shine so bright at this hour. The connection to the coffee industry strengthened with every peddle towards the cafe. About 8 miles later, I would arrive at Spruce Connections and inhale a chocolate croissant accompanied by a cappuccino. Maybe two cappuccinos, if it was the weekend. Serving the neighborhood community at Spruce was super refreshing. Although I am working at a different coffee shop, the great humans I met at Spruce Confections, are still in my life. My beautiful partner being one of them.

The year is 2017, a new year means a new commute. Clipping into my bicycle, the time is 4:15 in the morning. The bicycle I am riding is more aggressive and hungry for speed so there is no portable speaker. Bummer. Leaving Broomfield at this hour, via bicycle, felt a bit spooky. The huge sky gazing at the dark shadows of the Flatirons. 18 miles to Alpine Modern. During the one hour bike ride, I would conceptualize all the possibilities of a coffee trailer. At times, I thought I was building castles in the sky. To avoid hesitation, I decided to drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming and pick out a trailer.

After purchasing the trailer, espresso machine, and an LLC, I realized the path I chose. To invest in oneself is the best investment of all. Putting your money where your mind is can be exciting and stressful, a bowl of mixed emotions. The build out of the trailer has offered numerous lessons. The support from strangers transformed them to neighbors. The trailer and business model is advancing and we are looking forward to our launch in June.


Gears & Grinds Craft Coffee

Luke Doyne

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